Master Your Dj’ing in 3 Simple Steps

If you want to get into the world of Djing then you have to learn the art. It is easy to learn if you have an interest in music or being a performer. When you learn how to DJ you learn the art of matching your musical expressions with the needs of the audience you are playing for.

It’s therefore important that you take time to learn how to become a great DJ. Here is how you can master djing in three simple steps.

Determine Your Goals

The first thing you need to do is determine why you want to be a DJ. There are several types of DJs that meet the needs of different audiences. For instance a radio DJ will usually just be playing music on the radio for the audience that is interested in the genre of music they will be playing.

A club DJ on the other hand is an entertainer and will be playing music to keep people dancing. His job is to ensure sales for the club by keeping people entertained and moving from the dance floor to the bar. You can also become a turntabilist or a DJ that shows raw skill behind the decks scratching and cutting music. The other type of DJ is a mobile DJ concerned with doing shows for corporates and parties.

Get the Right Equipment

So you know why you want to be a DJ? Then it is time to get things done. First you will need to get the right equipment to become a DJ. To be a DJ you will need to invest in a controllers or deck and best laptop for djing. You will also need to have djing software installed on your laptop and have a lot of music.

When you have everything you need then it becomes easy to learn how to start djing because even YouTube videos can get you started. But, it is best to have a mentor and to take interest in what DJs around you are doing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Djing is more than just playing one song over the other. In order to get good at djing you will need to learn more about music and understand the basic structure of the beat the way producers understand it. You will also need to learn some basic djing skills like scratching, beat-matching or syncing, phrasing, EQing, gain control and so much more.

Learning how to dj however doesn’t end when you have known how to do those things. You will need a lot of practice to become a master DJ and break out of the bedroom.  Keep practicing and learning every day. Take time to record your mixes of listen to them or have someone else listen to get an opinion on how you are doing.

After you have learnt and mastered the art of DJing then you get yourself out to the world and start marketing your skills. Find gigs where you can perform and ensure you are active and present on social media. With these three steps and a lot of passion you will make it big.