The Dangers of Being Careless with Noise Cancelling Headphones

Constant loud noise to the ears can cause a lot of damage. Research has shown that it not only damages the ears but is also associated with high stress levels, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, stroke and increased risk of heart attack. If you listen to music on the go or are exposed to loud noises constantly during the day then you need noise cancelling headphones.

Noise cancelling headphones have a microphone that collects the sound. An inbuilt processor then creates an opposite sound wave to that of the sound that has been collected to cancel out the noise. This is called active noise cancelling. You can also get the noise isolating headphones. These are headphones to block out noise because of the design.

Dangers of Being Careless with Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones of any type can pose a danger to your ears when you use them at very high volumes. Most people buy noise reduction headphones to keep the external noise out but they raise the volumes of the music they are listening to too high which is still dangerous.

Another problem with this is that some of the best noise cancelling headphones may work too well reducing a lot of the external noise. When the music is high you are then completely isolated from your environment which can be dangerous.

As a pedestrian you should not be completely isolated from your environment. Many accidents have occurred where people are unable to hear the horn of the car or the whistle of the train and end up being run over. While using noise cancelling headphones or noise isolating headphones you need to ensure that you are not totally cut out from your environment

Another problem with active noise cancelling headphones is they might produce a subtle hissing sound to your ears. To some people this hissing sound can cause them to feel dizzy especially when the headphones have been used for a long time. However, the sound produced is below OSHA exposure restrictions and on its own cannot cause any damage to your ears.

If your active noise cancelling headphones make that noise then you can opt to use the noise isolating headphones that form a seal around your ears for noise reduction. Active noise cancelling headphones work differently for different sound frequencies. It is advisable to know the frequency of the sound you will be exposed to constantly to determine if the headphones will be useful for you.

There are many active noise cancellation headphones and noise isolating headphones for you to choose from. When choosing the best noise cancelling headphones make sure to read the specifications to see how much noise reduction the headphones are ideally able to achieve for different frequencies of sound.

The best noise cancellation headphones do work but they should be used with caution for them to be safe. Ensure that you are not completely isolated from your environment and keep the volumes moderated.